Appetizing Affairs

Short on time but not hunger, then a quick meeting is just for you! In 30minute  increments and in 3 different experience styles, we're sure to find that perfect flavor combination you're craving!

Muscle Manipulation (bodywork)

A basic and therapeutic form of bodywork, where strong yet soft hands slide and stroke your tired muscles until you are a puddle of pure pleasure.

1hour - $240

90mins- $340

2hours- $480

Hot and Heavy Hegre

A full nude, body on body experience combining the relaxation of bodywork with the sensual touch of companionship.

1hour - $340

90mins- $500

2hours- $680

Anime and Chill

From the moment you open the door and are wrapped in the embrace of your warm, soft girlfriend, the outside world will cease to exist.  Intertwining and getting lost in the sauce that is lust and desire.

A/C dates of 90mins+ include noms

The first meeting minimum is 1hour.

1/2 hour  $200

1hour - $400

90mins- $550

2hours- $800

Details of meeting activities will NOT be discussed prior to meeting. There are plenty of reviews and context clues that you should be able to be able to conclude if you'd like to see me. 


Do not message me on social or streaming platforms to discuss in-person meetings.

By submitting your meeting requestion form you are confirming that you have read my website thoroughly and you under the rules and regulations that I have in place.