But first, some general information:

  • Normally available Monday through Saturday 10am-9pm

  • A mandatory New Client Deposit of $40 is required for screening. This deposit ensures me that you are serious about seeing me, is not applicable to the donation, and will not be required for future appointments, 

  • 2 Hour minimum notice for scheduling, though 24+ hours recommended

  •  I do have a small furry friend at my space, if you have allergies please try to take an antihistamine 30+minutes before your scheduled time.

  • Please read and comprehend the information I share with you, I have fine-tuned my instructions to be easy and provide maximum discretion. 

  • I prefer donations to be cash tucked into an envelope, but tucked into a card, book, or gift is great also! 

  • Appointments before noon must be scheduled by 9pm the night before.​​

  • Canceling or rescheduling your appointment up to 4 hours before time is okay, a small gift from my wishlist would play towards your favor but is not required.

  • If you no show or late cancel (within 4 hours of the scheduled time) a cancellation fee will be required before you are allowed to try to schedule again. There is a cancel fee $100 for dates shorter than 3 hours, Sweetheart dates cancel fee $500

  • Arriving a little early or late is no problem as long as you communicate with me about your estimated time of arrival.

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See you soon!