Drama Club Experiment- A Chance Encounter In The Vegetable Aisle (a short play)



Two people began chatting in the vegetable section of their local grocery store, starting with a pun about leeks and artichokes and carried on to discussing lasagna recipes and mondays as they strolled through the store. Obvious their meeting was kismet and not ready to part ways, she invited him over to her place for tea and to get a little more comfortable while they continued talking.


….a short time later….


Her nails, painted red, gently dug into his skin as her hand dragged down from the back of this neck, playfully circling around his chest and south past his belly button. Her other hand firmly gripping his hip pulling him in towards her, looking up and making eye contact as her tongue danced, she could feel his heart throbbing, his muscles tensing, his body heating up as she wiggled between his legs getting into position asking him ever so slyly if he was ready.. Flushed with a sudden sensation that sent his eyes rolling as his back arched and toes stretched, his body tingled from the torture she had teased him with just prior. …. 


want to know more? I’d love for you to be my co-star in this short play about two adults having a short adventure together escaping the outside world, laughing, exploring, and all the fun along the way. 


Lots of improv work!

An entertaining experiment in audience-less theatre!

*Theme/Costume Upgrades Available!

*fetish/kink upgrades available*

All genders and enby’s welcome

For the scene, please substitute the pronouns you prefer

Mine are she/her