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I'm looking for a co-star! Think you've got what it takes?

Before continuing I want you to bear in mind that filming is more than just a quickie on camera. It takes a lot of time with things like re-positioning and re-doing scenes and clips, test runs for lighting and costume fitting. Your involvement in the editing process will vary but is likely to be minimal. Film days will be catered. 

During the audition, we'll discuss what type of categories and scenes we are both interested in, we will go over pre-reqs and clear up any extra questions you may have, and a thorough discussion on testing. Each audition will include a small highlight reel sent to you with a day or two, longer auditions will obviously have longer reels.

Priority Characters on the board:

Demon Overlord

Bimbo in Sundress Outside - broken car

Strip Mario Kart Battle

Worship A God (but not Zeus)

Snake Clan Ninjas

Goddess of Space & Time

Tuxedo Mask & Sailor Moon

Tinker Bell & Capitan Hook

The Chef & The Baker

Most categories are on the table, so don't be shy when you share your favorites with me. Let's make the kind of content we really want to see. Do NOT include this information in your audition form. Audition forms with explicit language will be disqualified and discarded. 

- you may be requested to make/be in a couple promo clips with me to help push our video(s)

Co-Star Auditions

Audition Sign-up Form

Auditions Begin July 7th!

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